Friday, 29 October 2010

Spanish Night

Sitting under the silvery moon
silvery and bright
I hear the sweet lovers lullaby.
So romantic
So very sultry.
Bursting into a passionate flame
Flamenco dancers
echoing shadows onto the wall
as they dance around the fire.
Sangria and eyes
enticing the warmth and the spirit
of laughter and love,
at the night time
sensuality and sleazy notes.
Erotic thoughts as the castanets click.
Shoes a tapping
to the lovers beat.
Lovers a dancing,
 laughing and kissing.
Dancing around the fire
until filled with exhaustion
they callapse into heaps
of tired hearts,
and aching feet.
As the heat drugs them,
 drowsy with alcohol,
consumed by love and passion,
they sleep off the nights 
excitement until the new dawn.

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