Friday, 29 October 2010

As the Wind Ponders

Sitting quietly
upon this comfy chair
dressed as a modern contemporary.

Sitting quietly
as the sun reflects,
the rays caressing the carpet.

Sitting quietly
in this modern era,
the wind begins reminiscing.

Sun shining quietly
the ancient wind blows,
bringing to mind past memories.

The wind, not quiet
howl's against the windows.
it's essence, to mind the secret comforts.

Thinking quietly
as the wind blows,
of the eeriness caressing this house.

The walls quiet
stand up against the breeze
of such vibrant vitality, echoing forces.

The atmosphere is quiet,
floorboards aching to creek.
Roof tiles rattling
like heavy footsteps heard.

Moments and all is quiet.
Footsteps deceased
as I sit pondering quietly.

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