Friday, 29 October 2010

Life Blood of an Artist

Buried beneath
Is the pulsating chamber
Of life blood
And of passion

Buried under bruised flesh;
Are, the veins
Of life blood.

Inside my head,
‘I want to scream’
For all the passions
In this life blood.

Life blood bleeds
Like the creative nib,
Blotted onto canvas it runs
Like paint, seeping deeply and
Buried no more
As the passion runs fast.

As this life blood bleeds;
Life, stains the canvas, seeping  
Passions of warmth and love.
As poppy fields merge
And emerge blood red.

High on life
The veins feed
Like tubes of crimson paint.
Warm, passionately loving
Giving life for eyes to see.

A canvas of visions, vision
Freedom, re-leased from
These blood veins of life.
A portrait of the inner body
Pro creating an inner portrait
Of a painted passion.

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