Friday, 29 October 2010

Life of a Day Dreamer and Nightwalker

Living on the edge Walking the fine line,
Balancing between life and death
The air feels free around me,
As free as my breathe.

The life I have is one.
The dreams I have are many.
These dreams are life.
These dreams are fulfilling.
These dreams are my true feelings .
These dreams cannot be denied.

What is in the world
When one’s dreams cannot be lived?
But to be  shackled in limbo and in denial
of a true life lived to the bones.

I am a dreamer.
I  have dreamt awake dreams.
A dreamer who envisioned my future
In a place of certainty in this uncertain world.

The truth of dreams are coming to pass
A dreamer of truth guided by intuition.
Fulfilling my destiny.

To feel at peace and to know one’s own truth
The future is divine, these dreams save me.
Instinctual survival has been calling me
Like a guardian angel on a darkened night!

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