Saturday, 6 November 2010

Absence in Winter

Time, patience, distance, space, separation,
What are these if you do not experience love?
The void, the absence, the silence, the waiting
What are these if you do not love?
The price of love is this in case of absence
The longing, the wanting, the hurting.
How deep does it cut, how deep does it feel?
How deep and dark is the night away from the soul
Away from the light that burns bright within.
How long is the night when the moon does not shine?
And there is nothing to hold onto but your dreams
The longing and the hurting and the wanting
Linger like the blackened night cold and separated.
This is the deep winter of my discontent.

tina donovan 6/11/10
on long distant relationship

Friday, 29 October 2010

Life of a Day Dreamer and Nightwalker

Living on the edge Walking the fine line,
Balancing between life and death
The air feels free around me,
As free as my breathe.

The life I have is one.
The dreams I have are many.
These dreams are life.
These dreams are fulfilling.
These dreams are my true feelings .
These dreams cannot be denied.

What is in the world
When one’s dreams cannot be lived?
But to be  shackled in limbo and in denial
of a true life lived to the bones.

I am a dreamer.
I  have dreamt awake dreams.
A dreamer who envisioned my future
In a place of certainty in this uncertain world.

The truth of dreams are coming to pass
A dreamer of truth guided by intuition.
Fulfilling my destiny.

To feel at peace and to know one’s own truth
The future is divine, these dreams save me.
Instinctual survival has been calling me
Like a guardian angel on a darkened night!

Love Movement

Beautiful and expanding
All truthful and all encompassing.
Nothing will succeed without LOVE
Love is what makes the world go round.
Love is what we all feel on a baseline of humanity.
Love is a basic truth that one cannot deny.
Love is all around for those who choose to see.
Love is never-ending and a never-ending wheel of life.
Love is the connection and love is divine.
Love is free and easy to share.
LOVE is a basic human right.
Love should never be imprisoned
Love should never be denied
Love should never be compromised
Love should never ever be squashed.
It is the one thing that will always rise
like the sun in the morning and set in the hearts of those you love.
It is the one thing that conquers all like the rising tide.
A tsunami of love to cleanse all things bad, all things dark and all untruths.
Something those above who try to be our puppet masters cannot destroy, rip from or deny love we all feel for our fellow compassionate living beings.
Whether it be human, animal or Earth.
Love is too big a thing to conquer, to control.
Like a stone thrown in a pond, ripples spread. An overwhelming vibrational act of MOVEMENT
seeps into all psyches.
Love just is....divine.

An Affair to One Love

An affair to one love
Soulful to the spirit
the inner glowing.
A space of sub-conscious
the deep adrenalin
shot with undercurrents
seeping deep through
veins of heated rhythms.

Pacing the ground
with melodic vibes.
Unknown grounds traced
weaved by writhing limbs
as they travel through
spices of expression
releasing hidden intelligence
to the surface of light.

Scanning the vision
tracing places desired,
trancing to sounds
perpetual to imagination
releasing spiritual vibes
that perspire through,
Glistening to the lighted passions
of an affair to one love.

Life Blood of an Artist

Buried beneath
Is the pulsating chamber
Of life blood
And of passion

Buried under bruised flesh;
Are, the veins
Of life blood.

Inside my head,
‘I want to scream’
For all the passions
In this life blood.

Life blood bleeds
Like the creative nib,
Blotted onto canvas it runs
Like paint, seeping deeply and
Buried no more
As the passion runs fast.

As this life blood bleeds;
Life, stains the canvas, seeping  
Passions of warmth and love.
As poppy fields merge
And emerge blood red.

High on life
The veins feed
Like tubes of crimson paint.
Warm, passionately loving
Giving life for eyes to see.

A canvas of visions, vision
Freedom, re-leased from
These blood veins of life.
A portrait of the inner body
Pro creating an inner portrait
Of a painted passion.